We need your email addresses!

Check your email inbox!  BBC has started communicating with you via email!  We will be sending out weekly updates to keep the body informed of important announcements and current happenings.  However, in order to do this we need to update our database of email addresses!

We are also looking into creating a Prayer List that would send out special prayer requests to those people who might desire to know how to pray for the others here at BBC.

In order to make this work, we need your help.  So, here’s what we need you to do.

1.) Create an email to bethany@bbcinchrist.org

2.) Does your family have an email address?  (Something that we could send info to and everyone in your family would receive it?).   If you don’t have a family email address, it would be helpful to know that. If you do have a family email address, please give us that address and note it as “family”.

Ex. 906knights@gmail.com

3.) Do the individuals in your family have email addresses?  If so, please give us names and email addresses for each.


Brian – church email
Amy – Calumet Floral email…or perhaps her personal one
Alex – MTU email
Marshall – Northern email

4.) For each email address you send to us, please note whether this is for the announcement list (A), the prayer list (P), both (A)(P) or neither.  Even if you don’t want to receive weekly emails, we’d like to have your email address on hand.


Dad     dad@gmail.com (A)(P)
Mom    mom@gmail.com (A)
TeenSon    teenson@gmail.com (A)
Daughter    daughter@gmail.com (P)
Son    son@gmail.com

5.) Send it!

As a side note, if you have cell phones that you are using these days, you could include cell phone info in this same email to help us update our database!

Thanks so much for your help with this!  If you have thoughts about what kind of information you would like to receive weekly, please let us know!


(edited 12/27/17)