Two Events For Teens!

Attention all Youth Group Members! On May 15th, we will meet for the last regular Youth Group at 6:30pm. We will resume again in June. Then join us again on Saturday, May 18th for an all day event at the church from 10:00am until 8:00pm.

More on the All-Day Youth Event:

Students completing 6th-12th grades are invited to join us at BBC from 10am – 8pm THIS SATURDAY 5/18.  We will be playing life-sized board games and having much fun!  At 2:00pm, we will be attending Grace Bergstrom’s senior recital in the sanctuary and then students will be transported to the Bergstrom home to celebrate with Grace at her open house.  All teens attending this event must complete a permission slip.  Contact Caleb or get one when you drop your student off.  

Parents are welcome to come and get their children for a portion of the day if needed.  However, teens that can drive will NOT be permitted to leave the church without a parent unless Caleb receives a written note establishing who has permission to leave with which driver.  

Lunch and dinner will be provided.  

(Edited 5/15/19)