Online Sunday School

Do your children like getting mail? Do they like silly videos? Do you desire them to have a deeper understanding of the Bible? (Do you want to learn a few things too?)

Then join our online Sunday school program! This week we will finish our study of Genesis and then move onto Exodus for the month of August.

How does it work?

*Email the church office to make sure you are getting the Bethany Banner!
*On Thursday, look through the Banner and find the link to the “What’s in the Bible?” lesson. Print it out or just use the electronic copy to facilitate the lesson.
*Sometime in the next 10 days, sit down with your kids and a computer to watch the four video segments (links and passwords are in the lesson PDF). There are also some games and questions you can ask your kids.
*Print the “Go Home Card” at the end of the lesson and fill it out for your kids.
*Return the Go Home Card to the church –
– drop it in the colorful mailbox at the back of the sanctuary
– mail it to the church
– take a picture of the completed card and email that to the church office.
*Have your children watch the mail for a small prize!

If you have any questions about the “What’s in the Bible?” Online Sunday School class, please email the office at or contact Julie Cischke (

(Posted 7/27/20)