Elder Candidate: Alex Apps

Alex Apps is our newest candidate       for Eldership here at BBC!


The congregational vote to affirm Alex Apps as an Elder will take place on Sunday June 17, 2018 as part of our morning worship service.

Did you realize that, according to our new constitution, any man holding the office of Elder has the same qualifications and responsibilities as our current Pastor?  

That means that our current consideration of Alex Apps as an Elder should be treated with the same prayer and discussion as calling a new pastor – because, according to our constitution, that is essentially what we are doing!

As a congregation, we have the opportunity to affirm the Deacon’s proposal to recognize Alex as an Elder.  This will be done during a Sunday morning vote on June 17th.

In the meantime, we should be “prayerfully considering the man’s qualifications” as well as talking with Alex, Pastor Brian, Caleb, Steve and the Deacons about our thoughts on this process.

Please take a minute to re-read the section of our new constitution that deals with Elders (read the Elder section of the constitution) and then consider sending an email to communicate your thoughts about this matter:

Email isn’t the only way!  Feel free to call or send written notes as well. 

Contact the office if you have questions.

(posted 5/7/18)