OCC January Theme = Hair Accessories + Toys

Each month of 2019, Bethany Baptist will focus on collecting items of a given “theme” to help build LOTS of boxes this fall. There is a lime green tote in the back of the sanctuary to collect items each month.

During January, our Operation Christmas Child team would like to encourage people to bring:


This includes ribbons, hair ties, headbands, scarves, hats, barrettes, etc.

To ensure we can create fun boxes for each child, we will be collecting toys EVERY month.  Ideal toys include cars, dolls, balls, marbles, yo-yo’s, and slinkies.  Check out the Operation Christmas Child website for more ideas.

NOTE: You are always welcome to donate items that do not fit the theme.  We are just using the theme to encourage a variety of donations!

(edited 1/21/19)