Notes for Sunday School Students, Teachers, & Toddlers…

Since our Sunday School programs have been cancelled at this time, Sunday school participants are urged to consider how they can continue to grow and fellowship in different formats:

  • Sunday school teachers may choose to invite their class over for a lesson or fun event
  • Classmates may arrange to get together in small groups at someone’s home
  • Sunday school Teachers may email lessons or reminders to their students – or may ask to have certain things posted on our website or sent out in the Banner

If you need help accessing our church directory in order to facilitate this type of interaction, please contact the office (, Chelsea ( or Julie (

Along those lines…here is a special message from Ms. Julie to the Toddlers and their parents:

Parents of Toddlers,

This coming Sunday, 3/22, we were planning to begin lessons that lead up to Easter.  I will try each week to provide a coloring page and brief story along the lines of what we would be studying.  I hope that you might enjoy taking a little time out of your week to help your little ones learn more about Jesus!

This week we would look at the Last Supper (Matt. 26:26-29; 1 Cor. 11:23-29).  Below you will find a coloring sheet and a pre-school version of this story that you might read or print out and color with your young children.

I hope that you will find this helpful!

In Christ,

Ms. Julie (and the rest of the Toddler teachers!)

The Last Supper : A PDF file with a story and coloring page

(posted 3/16/20)