Note from Pastor Brian RE: COVID-19

Bethany Baptist Family,

Yes, this is another announcement regarding the COVID-19 virus.

I would like to start by encouraging you, my brothers and sisters in Christ, in a way that you may not be hearing from most other sources.

First:  As followers of Christ “God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control” (2 Timothy 1:7).  We live in a time and culture that is confused over the COVID-19 virus; however, as Christians, we are compelled to respond differently.  We must move forward wisely as we follow medical workers and governing authorities around us, but our response must be measured by our eternal perspective of future glory.  No matter what may come as a result of this virus, we have an eternal glory that lies before us.  This is our eternal hope that calms our fears and allows us to rest in Christ when the world faces turmoil hopelessly.

Second: This is a golden opportunity for us to love our neighbors.  As we recognize empty grocery shelves I encourage you to check in and share with those around you – call an elderly church member who has been advised to avoid in public spaces to see if they need help with supplies, check in with your neighbors, and be prepared to care for those who may face physical illness if that day should even come.

Last:  There are some practical measures that we are taking as we look forward to worshiping together.

  • At the time of this writing there have been no reported cases of the COVID-19 virus in our area
  • Those who are elderly and or have compromised immune systems need to limit their exposure to public meetings.  If you fit into this demographic please do not attend church until this situation improves.  Please take full advantage of the sermon recordings that will be posted on the website and the Facebook live feed which we will continue to post.
  • Our cleaning crews are properly equipped with the correct products and have been informed as to the proper methods of disinfecting of our facility.   The procedures and products we are using are in accord with the CDC advisories for killing 99.9% of these infectious germs.
  • If you currently have a fever, or other flu like symptoms please remain at home to protect the greater public (this is true of church and other public locations).
  • Currently we have no plans to cancel any regularly scheduled ministries at Bethany Baptist Church.  This is clearly a very fluid situation and it is possible that developments may necessitate future actions on our part.  We will make sure to notify you if such changes may occur via email, the BBC website, and social media.

In Christ,

Brian Knight

(posted 3/12/20)