New Sermon Series and New Sunday School Class!

January 13, 2019 marks the beginning of two new exciting opportunities here at BBC —


Join us as Pastor Brian preaches through the book of Revelation in the Morning Worship Service on Sundays.

Check out the bulletin each week to find out what Pastor Brian will be covering the following week.


Teens (High School students) and adults will meet in a combined Sunday school class to learn about Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.  We will be using material from Capitol Hill Baptist church, similar to the “Money” and “How to Study the Bible” courses that we offered in the fall.

Here is an excerpt from the introductory lesson:
“[In this class we will] look at questions about gender through a biblical lens. As we dive in, today we’re gonna begin with some preliminary matters. First, let me explain how I’m using that word “gender.” As I’ve mentioned, some today differentiate between “sex,” and “gender,” arguing that sex is only biological while gender refers to cultural, psychological and behavioral aspects of masculinity and femininity. I understand that distinction, and that may be how many employ these terms now, but what I want to argue in this class is that gender is a more comprehensive category – it includes the sex of our bodies and also extends to the dispositions that God has designed us to have as men and women. So I’m using gender to refer to both sexual differentiation and the dispositions and roles God has given us. Yes, some aspects of gender are merely cultural and value neutral – for example, dressing baby boys in blue and girls in pink. But there are some facets of gender that are innate to how God has made us, and we’ll be exploring that idea in the coming weeks.”

We are excited about both of these opportunities to grow in our understanding of what Scripture teaches.  We hope that you will join us!