LAST WEEK to help the kids at Abraham’s Oasis

Families at BBC,

Would you consider making a special Christmas card to send to a child at Abraham’s Oasis this holiday season?

Abraham’s Oasis is an organization that offers a home to children in Ethiopia whose parents have died or are unable to care for them.  This Children’s Home seeks to provide a loving, effective atmosphere for these orphans.  Gary and Cindy Miller have been involved with this ministry for a number of years now.

One way that we can help these children celebrate their Christmas is to send letters and pictures to them.  Abraham’s Oasis is home to a wide age range of children, from infants through teenagers.  Since the Ethiopian culture does not celebrate Christmas until January, we have some extra time to create these special Christmas cards and then mail them to the children.

In your card, please include a family photo – if possible – and perhaps some colorings or drawings from your own children – along with a note for a child.  If you desire to create a card for one of the adult workers at Abraham’s Oasis, please make a small note out the outside of the envelope so that we can separate the cards for adults out of those intended for the children.

The adult workers at Abraham’s Oasis
will help make sure that each child receives
a card that is appropriate for him/her.

If you have questions about this opportunity, please contact Gary or Cindy Miller.  Cards must be turned in to the box in the rear of the sanctuary by Sunday December 16, 2018.

(posted 12/10/18)