Ladies’ Retreat Re-cap

Thank you to everyone who helped with and attended the Ladies’ Retreat at Gitche Gumee.

There were over a dozen ladies from Bethany that got to attend the retreat and enjoy a few days of fellowship, fun, study, singing and enjoying the fabulous cooking of the Gitche chefs.

“While at the retreat we spent time studying our sinful tendancy to grasp for control over our husbands, children and other things.  We looked at Eve in the Garden of Eden and the curse that God proclaimed and contrasted that with Jesus’ example of giving up control, in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Our speaker challenged us to be filled with wonder at God – especially by considering the “only God” stories in our own lives and by reading and meditating on scriptures that focus on God’s characteristics, like Psalm 139. We also looked at some concrete steps that we can take to begin giving up control – like taming our tongues, entrusting our kids to God, living within our limits and “capping our red pens” (not continually correcting those around us!).   But, whether it is taming our tongues or being in wonder of our God, we must keep in mind that we need the Holy Spirit to do any of this!”

Here is a photo of the gals that stayed in the “Eagle’s Nest” cabin.

Thank you again to all the ladies that made time to come and to all the families and friends that made it possible for the ladies to come.


(posted 9/24/18)