Kids 4 Truth

Kids4Truth at Bethany Baptist Church!

Kids have great questions about God.  In Kids4Truth clubs, they will have great answers!  Come learn with us!

Kids4Truth Clubs equips local churches, families, or ministry-minded individuals to reach kids worldwide through creatively and memorably taught doctrinal truth.

The Kids4Truth curriculum has a very defined scope and sequence. The curriculum is broken up into twelve key doctrines of our faith. Each of these doctrinal themes contain ten question and answers along with supporting Bible verses. The curriculum is available in four age levels designed to cover all twelve doctrinal themes. This knowledge is repeated and deepened in every level of learning in order to give these children a firm grasp of basic Bible doctrine and a solid framework whereby to base all other life decisions. As the child progresses through the four levels, the same doctrines will be studied more thoroughly and with the purpose of deepening each child’s understanding and appreciation of God’s truth.


  1. God’s Word – The Bible
  2. The Greatness of God 5: God’s Creation
  3. The Goodness of God 6: God’s View of You
  4. The Trinity
  5. God’s Creation
  6. God’s View of You
  7. God’s Law
  8. Jesus Christ
  9. God’s Gift – Salvation
  10. God’s Purpose for His Children
  11. God’s Work, Past and Present
  12. God’s Plan for the Future

This year we will work through themes 7-12.


  • Level 1 – Discoverers – An adventurous treasure-hunting theme for 4 and 5 year olds
  • Level 2 – Developers – A construction theme – building the foundation to grow upon for our 1st-2nd graders
  • Level 3 – Detectives – An adventurous clue-finding theme – learning to detect the truth for our 3rd-4th graders
  • Level 4 – Defenders – A medieval theme – learning to defend the faith, for our 5th and 6th graders


6:15-6:30     Students arrive and check in according to their grade level.

6:30-7:15     Song time, review of last week’s material and large group teaching time.

7:15-7:35     Younger and older students split up.  One group has Small Group time – students will complete pages in their TruthBooks and work on memorization, while the other has Gym Time!

7:35-7:40    Time to clean up and switch!

7:40-8:00     Kids in the gym move to Small Group time.  Kids in Small Group time head to the gym for games.

8:00             Students all meet in the Fellowship Hall and wait for their parents.

** NOTE: Our youngest students, in Level 1, meet in their own space and run according to a different schedule.


Each week students will check in and recite memory work to earn “K4T Bucks”.  These bucks can be redeemed for prizes 3 times per year, at “Store Night”.  “K4T Bucks” can also be earned for Christian Service Projects, faithful completion of Quiet Time books, completion of K4T workbook pages and arriving on time.

Our program coordinators, Steve and Rachel Barnhart, have set the calendar for the year to line up with the holiday breaks that our local school districts observe. 2023-24 K4T Calendar


Our Kids4Truth program seeks to develop each student’s love of spending time DAILY in God’s Word.  This year we will be utilizing Kids 4 Truth’s online Daily Devos. You can listen online, subscribe via email or add it to your podcast playlist!

QUESTIONS OR TO REGISTER CONTACT: and mention an interest in our K4T program!

Important K4T Documents: