Hooper Bay Team: Update

You have heard a lot about the need for a team to help Patrick.  Here is the update on that team:

There are 4 guys heading north to lend a hand – Steve Barnhart, Paul Bergstrom, Brian Carlson, and Jasen Stephan.

While in Hooper Bay, these men will help with the following projects:

  • installation of a water drainage system outside the hangar
  • repair and remount two 4’x4’ water damaged windows at Patrick’s church
  • relocation and reinstallation of fuel oil stove in the apartment next door to Patrick
  • re-level a corner support at Patrick’s home
  • sanding and repainting of steel doors and fuel oil tank at the church
  • installation of security cameras, door, light, etc. at the hangar
  • and many more miscellaneous things…more than enough to fill our time!

Please keep them in your prayers as they prepare to be away, raise the $1500/person and finalize details of the travel and projects to be completed.

Hooper Bay Missions Trip, Patrick

(edited 6/20/19)