Help with Church Cleaning…

Consider being a part of keeping Bethany’s facility clean.  We have 4-5 openings in our rotation of cleaning crews.  Cleaning crews serve every 9 weeks, with lots of flexibility!

  • When do I come clean?
    Cleaning can be done any time Thursday, Friday or Saturday.
  • How often would I be cleaning the church?
    Each cleaning crew cleans once every 9 weeks.  So you (and your crew) will clean the church only about 4-5 times each year.
  • Will I be cleaning by myself?
    Typically cleaning crews have 3-5 members, one of whom serves as the Team Leader.  Some cleaning crews coordinate a time that works for everyone and other crews split up and come when each member/family is available.  Teams keep track of the work that is done with checklists in the cleaning closet.
  • Do I have to clean toilets?
    Well, the toilets do have to be cleaned, but if you have specific cleaning tasks that you enjoy or that you find difficult, just let your Team Leader know and he/she will work to accommodate those things.

Being a part of a cleaning crew can be a great way to get to know other people of BBC as well as to become more familiar with the facility!  To get involved, or if you have questions, please contact Rob or Tonya Rowe.

(posted 4/30/19)