~~ FLOOD Update ~~

After the severe storm, we have a couple of updates for our church family:

1.) Facility Status:

Our building came through the storm with virtually no damage.  There was a bit of water that came into the back entry onto the tile and a bit more on the carpet near the furnace room.  Both areas were easily cleaned up.  (Thanks Rob!)   We are very blessed, it could have been much worse.

2.) Community Needs:

We are still trying to asses the needs of our congregation and community, and how to use the resources at our disposal.  Stay tuned for more information on this, and in the meantime, let’s show the love of God to our neighbors by taking a personal initiative to find ways to lend a hand!

3.) Wednesday Ministries:

As of now (Monday evening) we ARE planning our summer schedule for Wednesday evening ministries (Youth Group at 6:30, Bible Study at 7).  However, there is only one road open to Dollar Bay and it is not very good.  Road conditions and accessibility are somewhat fluid right now.  If road access does not improve, we may take Wednesday off.  If we cancel, it will be posted here online and on Facebook.

We wish you the best as you continue to dry out.  Please be sure to let the church office know if there are ways that you need help!

(posted 6/18/18)