Deacon Candidate: Adam Gill Vote on 12/6

A vote of affirmation is scheduled for Adam for Sunday, December 6th. For members who would like to vote, but will not be present, ballots will be available early to vote absentee. Absentee ballots and a collection box will be in the office building entryway starting Monday, November 23. Directions for voting absentee are stapled to the envelopes, but are as follows:

1.) Complete the ballot by voting YES or NO
2.) Insert the ballot into the envelop and seal the envelop
3.) Sign and date the envelop along the seal**

**Your signature and date will not be associated with your ballot, instead this is just to verify that only BBC members are casting ballots. 

Members who would prefer to receive their ballot by mail may contact the office at to request one. Any member who would like to vote by mail must ensure that their ballot is received back to BBC by Saturday, December 5th.

Thank you for taking part in this exciting time as we consider a new deacon!

(Posted 11/5/20)