Adopt a Finlandia Football Player!

There is a luncheon cookout scheduled for Saturday, August 28th for all families signed up to receive players. This will be a time of getting to know these players and their coaches. We will get the opportunity to watch a “mock practice” and get an understanding of what the coaching staff hopes a typical Saturday may look like for both the families and players. Details will be updated on the website and in the Bethany Banner as more information comes out. 

The coaching staff at Finlandia has reached out to us at BBC to participate in a unique opportunity. Starting in August, they would like to collaborate with us in an effort to place 1-3 football players at a time with families who are willing to open their homes. The idea would be that 2-3 times a semester you would have players at your house. This could look like a shared meal, an outdoor activity, a time of relaxing, etc. to be a home away from home for these players. This is an amazing opportunity for us to show the love of Christ to these players.

If you have any questions contact the church office at

(Updated 8/22/21)