A Request For Special Music!

Would you like to be involved in our Sunday Morning Worship Service through music during this time of online services? Here’s your chance! Below is a list of guidelines to help you prepare your musical piece before you submit it to the church.

  • Your piece can be audio and video, however audio only is acceptable. Additional imagery can be added to an audio only piece.
  • Songs should be something spiritual in nature, but no specific topics or themes are required.
  • Instrumental music can be spiritual or classical.
  • There is no minimum length requirement, but please keep your piece under 5 minutes.
  • This should be something well prepared, but not necessarily at a professional level.
  • Audio quality is important, but not crucial. Playing in a basement, bathroom, or closet with good acoustics and recording on a phone is certainly sufficient.

You can upload your video submission piece here.

If you have any questions or need any help, please contact Kit Cischke directly via phone or email.

(Posted 3/30/20)