Parent Tip: Asking your Kids about Sunday School

family eating together

Consider asking your children what they “liked” and what the “learned” when you pick them up from their Sunday School classes.  This can be a wonderful way to hear what they are learning about while they are away from you, can be a way to start some deeper conversations and gives you a chance to build on the foundation that the Sunday School teachers have laid.

Since the goal of our time at church, for us an our children, is to become disciples of Christ it is more important that our children are learning than whether they just “had a good time”.  To that end, let’s make sure that we are asking the right questions!

(These questions can work just as well for Word of Life, Youth Group, the message, etc. and can give you a chance to share what YOU “liked” and “learned” as well!)

(posted 1/7/18)