New Story and Coloring Page For Our Little Ones!

If we were meeting each week in person this Sunday (4/5) we would be VERY busy trying to fit in all the excitement of Palm Sunday and Good Friday. The past few weeks we actually have been studying the stories that fit in between Palm Sunday and Good Friday (the Last Supper, Peter lies about knowing Jesus, etc.). So, feel free to handle these lessons as best you can and perhaps you will have an opportunity to review some of the lessons in the middle.

In the Worship Service on 4/5 we will be singing many Palm Sunday songs, so it would be great for our little ones to be ready to celebrate Palm Sunday with us!

Toddler Lesson Palm Sunday

Toddler Lesson Crucifixion

Again, each link includes a coloring page and pre-school friendly version of the Bible story! Enjoy preparing for Resurrection Sunday!

(Posted 3/30/20)