For Our Little Ones: Another Story & Coloring Page!

Hey Families with little ones (1-3 years old), we know that this time without the nursery has been challenging. While you continue to spend extra time with your toddlers, we want to give you some additional tools to help them learn the basic stories and truths of the Bible. These are the stories we’d be covering with them in the Toddler Class and by keeping up-to-date, you are helping us present the full scope of these lessons to our toddler friends!

This week we continue looking at how God works through Moses. The story comes from Exodus 14, 16:1-17 and chapter 17. It is the stories of the crossing of the Red Sea and God’s provision of food! If you have a copy of the “My Awesome God” Storybook Bible, you can read the stories titled “The Red Sea” and “The Manna”.

*God’s people walked through the Red Sea on dry land, but the Egyptians drowned.
*When the people complained, God supplied them with Manna to eat and water to drink.

*Thrilled that God can do anything.
*Grateful that God provides them with food and water every day.

*Praise God for all the wonderful ways he helps them.
*Thank God for the food they eat at mealtimes.

Here are two coloring pages to help you learn about these stories: Toddlers_OTC5_RedSea

(Posted 9/14/20)