Communion on 1/3!

This coming Sunday, (January 3rd) we will be reestablishing the ordinance of Communion. It has been ten months since we have shared this together. Please set aside extra time this week to reflect on the wonderful work that Jesus accomplished on the cross for you. Also, take the time to consider the union we share as brothers and sisters in Christ. In Him we are one. Please pray for those who remain housebound in these days of COVID, remember to contact these individuals as we have a continued responsibility to all of them. We are the body of Christ.

Because it has been some time since we have shared Communion together, parents will want to take extra time this week to help their children determine if they are ready to share in at this time, help prepare those who will be participating and teach those who are not yet ready.

As you enter the building on Sunday, please collect a prepackaged Communion serving. They will be in baskets near the entrances. At the close of the service please also remember to dispose of your packaging. These actions will help eliminate points of contact between individuals.

(Posted 12/30/20)