A Little Bible Lesson for our Little Ones!

This week our story comes from 1 Kings 3:1-15; ch. 5-8. This is the amazing story of Solomon asking for wisdom and then building the Temple for the Lord!  If you have a copy of the “My Awesome God” Storybook Bible, you can read the stories titled “The Prayer” and “The Temple”.
After reading these stories/scripture passages, we hope that the toddlers will:
* Solomon asked the Lord for great wisdom so he would be a good king.
* King Solomon’s workers used the best materials to build the Temple of the Lord.
* Confident that God will give them what they need if they are not selfish.
* Thankful to have a special place to worship God.
* Ask God for the things that they need in order to help others.
* Help take care of the place where they worship God.
Here is a coloring page to reinforce these great Bible stories:Toddlers_OTF5_Solomon
(Posted 11/19/20)