A Little Bible Lesson for our Little Ones!

This week we continue our story from 1 Samuel chapters 8-11 and 13-14. It is the story of king Saul! If you have a copy of the “My Awesome God” Storybook Bible, you can read the stories titled “The Request” and “The Stubborn King”. These are great stories to reinforce the ideas of obedience and patience!
After reading this story/scripture passage, we hope that the toddlers will:
* God’s people wanted be like other nations, so God chose Saul to be king.
* God rejected Saul as king because he disobeyed by not waiting for Samuel to make a sacrifice.
* Glad to listen to and obey their leaders.
* Determined to be patient when they are told to wait.
* Obey what their parents tell them to do.
* Practice waiting patiently.
Here are some coloring pages to help you learn about this story: Toddlers_OTE2_Saul
(Posted 10/29/20)