A Little Bible Lesson for our Little Ones!

This week we continue our story comes from 1 Samuel 1 & 3. It is the story of Samuel’s birth and growing up in the Tabernacle! If you have a copy of the “My Awesome God” Storybook Bible, you can read the stories titled “The Vow” and “The Voice”.
After reading this story/scripture passage, we hope that the toddlers will:
* Hannah dedicated Samuel to the Lord’s service after God answered her prayer for a son.
* One night, God spoke to Samuel and gave him a message for Eli, the priest.
* Confident that God hears and will answer their prayers.
* Eager to do whatever God wants them to do.
* Pray about things that are important to them.
* Respond to what God tells them to do in the Bible.
Here are some coloring pages to help you learn about this story: Toddlers_OTE1_Samuel
(Posted 10/19/20)