A Little Bible Lesson for Our Little Ones!

This week we continue our study of the Old Testament. The story comes from Joshua 1. It is the story of God choosing Joshua to replace Moses! If you have a copy of the “My Awesome God” Storybook Bible, you can read the story titled “The General”.

After reading this story/scripture passage, we hope that the toddlers will:

*Joshua needed strength and courage to lead God’s people into the Promised Land.

*Brave to follow the Lord.

*Ask God for courage and strength to do what is right.

Here is a coloring page to help you learn about this story: Toddlers_OTD1_Joshua

**NOTE: This coloring page and story are about Joshua leading the people across the Jordan River which happens in Joshua 3 and is one of the first things Joshua does as the new leader! 

(Posted 10/5/20)