A Little Bible Lesson for our Little Ones!

This week we are encouraging families with little ones to look at Jesus’ childhood. If you have a copy of the “My Awesome God” Storybook Bible, you can read the stories about Jesus growing up and visiting the temple.
After reading this story/scripture passage, we hope that the toddlers will:
* Jesus grew tall, strong and wise as a boy in Nazareth.
* Jesus’ parents found Him learning with the teachers in Jerusalem.
* Excited about growing taller, stronger and wiser.
* Inspired to be like Jesus as a child.
* Identify ways that they are growing taller, stronger and wiser.
* Obey God and their parents without complaining.
Here is a summary of the story and a coloring page: Toddlers_NTA4_GrowingUp
(Posted 1/5/21)