We have the opportunity to build up the body in love by coming alongside the Salo family as they continue to trust God for his provision through Dave’s struggle with cancer.

On October 21, 2018 Dave and Jen will head to Zion, IL where he will have begin preparations for a stem cell transplant.  Following the transplant, Dave will be required to remain in Zion, IL for at least 100 days.

So, from mid-October through February, there are many ways we can help the Salo family:

  • Meals for 4 hungry teenage boys on specific weekends will be coordinated by the hospitality team of BBC.  Please email the church office to find out what dates are still available.
  • Firewood: There is a family in Dollar Bay with 3-4 maple trees that have fallen down.  They would like to donate the wood to the Salos, but it needs to be cut up, moved and stacked.

Meet at BBC at 9am to help with firewood for Salos.  We need people, chainsaws, trailer(s) and maybe a splitter.  Please contact Jasen Stephan regarding this opportunity.

  • Snow Removal: Once the snow comes, the boys will be on their own to keep the driveway clear.  Especially after large snowfalls or serious plowing, they may need assistance with snow removal.
  • Gas Cards to help make it possible for the boys to get down and see their parents.
  • Restaurant Gift Cards would also help with travel and the time spent in Zion, IL.  Culvers and Applebees are some of their family’s favorites.
  • Donations of Frequent Flyer miles for United Airlines.  (Hancock to O’Hare)
  • Cleaning: The Salo house will need a serious, deep cleaning before Dave returns (estimated 2/9/19).

Praise God for the ways that so many needs (like transportation in October and November) have already been fulfilled.  But, please keep checking in and be praying for the Salo family.

If you would like to help with one of these opportunities or have questions about them, please call (906-482-6940) or email the church office.  (Monday – Thursday 9am-3pm)

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