At Bethany, we encourage new believers and regular attenders to consider the New Testament model of involvement in the local church as understood from Acts 2:42-47 and Ephesians 4:11-16. Though we value the fellowship and relationship aspects of membership, the church as Christ intended it is not a club to be joined for fun or as an extracurricular activity.

Membership is commitment, it’s a recognition of our spiritual bond with each other in Christ, and accountability for how we live, serve, grow, and deal with sin. Membership is an indication of our alignment in doctrine and matters of faith and belief, and presents the opportunity for increased levels of service and participation in church functions and leadership.

As a member, we are also encouraged to participate in quarterly and other special business meetings related to the core functions of the church, including voting on important matters and holding office. As members we also together commit to supporting the local ministry of BBC and other ministries / missions we’re aligned with through finances, individual talents, time, and prayer.

Here are a few common questions and answers related to church membership:

Q: Are there age limitations?
A: Young individuals will need to clearly communicate their testimony of faith in Christ. And we don’t have an upper limit. Members over 18 are allowed to vote and hold elected offices.

Q: Will my family go through the process together?
A: Family members may go through the process at the same time, but testimony is evaluated on an individual basis and individuals are voted into membership. If you have a son or daughter interested in membership, you are welcome to come along when they meet with pastors or deacons.

Q: Is there a membership term – how do I maintain my membership?
A: You may remain a member as long as you are actively attending and in good standing.

Q: Can I remain a member at another church?
A: Typically, we do not allow for dual membership. However, it may be suitable for students or those who travel seasonally.

If you have an interest in membership, the process is simple. Just indicate your desire to know more to one of the pastors or deacons and they will assist you in obtaining a questionnaire that asks a few basic questions about any previous church involvement, baptism, and your testimony of faith in Jesus. Prospective new members are affirmed by a recommendation of the leadership for vote by the membership.